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MDM Workflow doubts

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Step 1 : User "Creater" created workflow for table customer which has one stage "Approve" and approver user name is "approver"

Step 2 : User "data1" added a record in customer database. I can see Workflow status in the workflow pane as "Unlaunched". Is it neccary to launch for each record which you added?

Step 3 : Since workflow owner is "Creater", only "Creater" can lanunch the workflow or any other user can launch the workflow? Can I lauch workflow from API ?

Step 4: Once Creater launch workflow,approver can approve the record.Once,approver say "Done", workflow will be completed and nothing can see in workflow pane. How to take only workflow completed records through webdynpro frontend?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Rama:

2) If you set the Workflow trigger action as "Add Record" it will be launched whenever you add a new record. You migth want to change it to "Update Record" or "Record Import". You can also choose "Manual". And yes, the workflow still need to be launched.

3) You can launch it from Java API. The user Creator is only the one that can launch it.

4) You can, again, using Java API, if there's a way to obtain the WF properties

I hope that helps



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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<b>Is it neccary to launch for each record which you added?</b>

Yes. Workflow status "Unlaunched" means, one or more records have been added to thay specific Job ID. If not launched manually, your workflow job will be launched automatically once one of the parameters: "Max Records Launch" or "Max Time" you set for the workflow is met. For example, if you set Max Records as 3 and Max Time as 3 Hours, Workflow job will be launched automatically if either number of records added to the job is 3 or time elapsed since the first record added is 3 Hors - whichever occurs first.

<b>only "Creater" can lanunch the workflow or any other user can launch the workflow?</b>

Yes. No other user can see this "Unlaunched" job. Once workflow job is done, again only the "Owner" will be able to see the workflow job with status "Completed".

Hope this helps,



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Hi Rama,

I can give you an answer to the following questions:

"Can I launch workflow from API ?" :


How to do it in MDM 5.5 SP4 patch1:

Get the available task commands of your task/job (e.g. catalog.GetTaskCommands(task) ), then check which task command is the one that matches the Launch, then execute that task command (e.g catalog.ExecuteTaskCommand(task) ).

"How to take only workflow completed records"


How to do it:


I hope this helps.

Thank you.



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Hi Laszlo,

I tried to follow your method to launch a workflow by API, but got the same result (MDM Server, Console and Data Manager got hung).

I had also tried to launch workflow using LaunchWorkflowJob() method, like following and that also hangs the MDM Server Console and Data Manager.

int wfjId = catalog.CreateWorkflowJob(1, recId);


Do you have working example of how to launch MDM Workflow using API? Does it work with MDM SP04 patch1?