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MDM to Syncronize Suppliers Master, Materials Master and Service Masters

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I'm in charge of MDM in a big Holding, today we have custom systems to ensure the quality of these masters and synchronize between them.

In the tree scenarios (Materials, Suppliers, Services) we have a content approval workflow and tools to improve content's quality. Apart from this we synchronize the content with tree SAP R/3 and with other systems.

We have a lot of problems with the backend field's validations, for example, when I synchronize a Supplier that is from USA the R/3 validates the NIF number format (from customizing settings), but our application maybe has another validation and the supplier is rejected by R/3.

My Questions are:

Can MDM manage approval workflows per each master data with different roles?

Can MDM synchronize Masters Validations from customizing? To avoid differences between MDM’s validations.

Is possible with MDM improve the materials content? With for example some custom business’ rules.

I'm sorry my English, I hope that this was clear.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

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I have spent a few years in the ERP space, I have recently joined a company that is focusing on F100 companies in insuring the quality of their item master/materials master data. We are a partner with SAP as well. We work with a number of customers such as Kraft, Alcoa, and Honeywell on such initiatives.

I would welcome the chance to correspond with you in regards to what you are doing with MDM and we may be able to help each other regarding MDM Dataquality. As I understand based on my research we are the only company offering a comprehensive complete offering around managing Materials Master quality. There are several "point" solutions in this area as well as the functionality in the SAP MDM. I would like to share what we do partially as an educational exercise to confirm we do address this requirement well. In exchange I could offer potentially a Taxonomy Seminar that we offer, generally at a charge for free if you are willing to open such a dialog.

Thank you

Gary Staley

Saqqara Systems -

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Sebastian,

To be able to provide you with in-depth information, your business scenario needs to be analyzed in more detail. However, I can give you some general statements:

The current focus in SAP MDM is on "Business Partner" and "Product" master data, and SAP MDM generally supports the concept of approval workflows.

SAP MDM incorporates the SAP Solution Manager for comparing and distributing synchronized Customizing settings (between Master Data Server and different SAP R/3 or CRM systems connected as Master Data Clients).

The MDM scenarios are generally aimed at improving data quality in a heterogeneous landscape, including Product data.

For more detailed information, please contact your SAP contact or send your request directly using

Best regards,


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