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mdm-repository-admin-roles-functions tab entries exprot;

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i have created a respoitory , under this repository we have Admin section; under this tab left hand side we have ROLES, and right hand side we have functions,table and fields tabs..

what ever the entries are there undet this tables tab, i want those entries un excel sheet . is there any fsacility to export or copy ?



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From the Console, you can't export or copy the Properties for each Field/Table.The only way is you need to manually enter in the spreadsheet.



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Hi Sunny,

I have those on excel, will send you and also paste here on monday.

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Thanks! I appreciate your help. .. ....

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Hi Sunny,

here they are...

Records Add Records

Modify Records

Delete Records

Merge Records

Protect Records

Unprotect Records

Check Out Records

Check In Owned Records

Check In Non-Owned Records

Roll Back Non-Owned Records

Modify Join Permissions for Non-Owned Records

Images Modify Image Print Size

Crop and Rotate Images

Hierarchies Move Nodes within Hierarchy

Hide Children

Create Aliases

Taxonomies Add Attribute

Delete Attribute

Modify Attribute

Convert Attribute Type

Split Attribute

Merge Attribute

Set Attribute Priority

Modify Linked Attribute

Reassign Attribute Ratings

Add Matching Sets

Delete Matching Sets

Modify Matching Sets


Consolidate Children

Families Synchronize Family Tree

Modify Family Data

Modify Family Partitioning

Layouts Modify Layout

Renmae Layout Columns

Publications Create Publications

Delete Publications

Rename Publications

Add Publications Notes

Add Section Notes

Add internal Notes

Add Presentation Notes

Delete Publications Notes

Delete Section Notes

Delete internal Notes

Delete Presentation Notes

Move Publications Notes

Rename Publications Notes

Split Section Notes

Combine Section Notes

Modify Calculated Layout Snapshots

Modify Section Properties

Modify Presentation Properties

Add Spreads

Delete Spreads

Modify Spreads

Shuffle Pages in Section

Add Pages

Delete Pages

Move Pages

Add Presentations

Delete Presentations

Move Presentations

Recover Presentaion Items

Add Items to Snapshots

Delete Presention Items

Relocate Presention Items

Flow Presentaions in Section

Apply Templates

Modify Publication Layout

Modify Publication Family Data

Modify Publication Records

Modify Publication Format

MDM Data Manager Modify Multiple Records

Delete Multiple Records

Add to Mask

Remove from Mask

Replace in Mask

Modify Mask

Import from Excel

Export to Text

Export to Excel

Export to Access

Save Original to Disk

Modify Families

Modify Layouts

Modify Publications

Modify Indexes

Indexes Create Indexes

Delete Indexes

Rename Indexes

Modify Index Source

Modify Index Key Definitions

Modify Index Entry Definitions

Modify Index Properties

Modify Index Styles

Modify Index Page Setup

Add Index Source

Delete Index Source

Consolidation and Distribution Add Import Maps

Modify Import Maps

Delete Import Maps

Add Syndication Maps

Modify Syndication Maps

Delete Syndication Maps

Enable Key Mapping

Administration Describe Repository

Maintain Regions

Maintain Connection1

Maintain Repository Settings

Synchronize Slave

Normalize Repository

Share Repository

Unlock Repository

Compact Repository

Repair Repository

Truncate Change Log

Refresh Calculated Fields

Start Repository

Stop Repository

Schema Import Schema

Export Schema

Add Table

Modify Table

Remove Table

Add Field

Modify Field

Remove Field

Add Schema Object

Remove Schema Object

Change Tracking

Set Change Tracking

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But these are all the entries in the Functions Tab.

What I need is entries in Tables and Fields.

Functions -- entries have been given in sap guide.

btw, i heared from oracle table we can get those entries.But i never tried. There is no other way except manually entering.

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given 6 points..

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Thanks Buddy,

The Tables and Fields entries depends on the repository.

For material, Business Partner they differ.

Not to mention custom repository.

I guss you can use the Data Manager option Export records in excel, so you will get fields and tables.

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