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MDM not respecting Unique and Required Field settings.

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Dear all,

We are implementing MDM at our company. It's MDM 5.5 SP04.

We have set up the repositories. Some of the records are set as being Unique or Required.

The problem is as follows:

When we are creating data in the Data Manager, the system allows duplicates and leaving required fields empty. It totally accepts this behaviour.

Then after stopping and starting the repository, an error message appears that duplicates are present.

How is this possible? Why can I create duplicates in a unique field and leave a required field empty???

Do you have any suggestions?

Kind regards.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have not seen MDM's uniqueness failing as you mention. What (exact) version are you running ? What type of field is the "Unique Field" setting turned on for?

The "Required" setting for fields is documented as being for informational purposes only (i.e. it's not enforced.) If you want to force a field to be mandatory, create a validation.



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