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MDM install - questions

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Hello all and thanks for any help you can provide.

1) As far as the BW-aspect of an MDM3.0 installation, there are 2 components as I find reading the Master Guide: the OPTIONAL bw portion for the optional ANALYTICS, and the BW3.5 portion that is part of the MDM server

As I understand things, when the MDM3.0 server is installed, you 'get' bw3.5 by default w/ the WAS6.40 that is installed. is this correct?

my understanding is that MDM was developed w/ bw in mind, and therefore uses a lot of bw functionality itself, and this is why it was natural for MDM to rely on bw. i've read that the BW portion on the mdm server itself contains NO cubes, NO ods's, and NO infoobjects. it's not there for that reason. it's there instead because MDM requires many of the same bw core processes like Proces Chains, and certain Data Staging techniques. is that correct?

i also am trying to understand more clearly the "optional" bw analytics. it's my understanding that you CANNOT do any of these analytics (e.g. Global Spend Analysis) on the BW that comes WITH the WAS6.40 on the MDM server itself. that you HAVE to use a SEPARATE BW install for this purpose? is this true? or is it something that is just highly recommended by SAP for performance reasons (that it be on a separate bw install)

2) as far as the WAS6.40 install that occurs w/ the MDM3.0 server install (section 2.5.1 of the Master Guide). We install BOTH the ABAP and JAVA stacks right?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Ben,

1.) It is true, that you need a separate BW if you want to use the functionality of a BW system, like Global Spend Analysis etc.

You are completely right with your statement, that MDM is using BW technology like process chains, but there is no content and the MDM server itself should be customized like an OLTP and not an OLAP system.

2.) The MDM 3.00 server needs both ABAP and Java server, as the CI is an Add-In installation on this Java server.



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Thanks Horst - I am finding this forum very helpful and appreciate the feedback from yourself and others!

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