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MDM Import Manager - Error Connecting to Source

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Hello MDM Experts,

I'm new to MDM. I created a new repository, created tables and added the Schema records for these tables. I invoked the verify Repository command and everything was OK. NO error.

I started the MDM Import Manager, connected to the repository OK and on the Connect to Source screen, I selected the following:

Type: XML Schema

Client System: MDM

XML Schema: selected a schema file from the pull down list

FileName: Selected the XML document in the C drive.

When I clicked the Finish command, I get the following error

<b>Logon Error: Cannot load XML file.


COM error 80040154 Class not registered Source = Description =</b>

The message implies it is looking for some software. Do I need to install any XML Parser in the PC where I'm running the Import Manager?

Your help will be appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kan,

Yes you need to install Xml parser.You can download it from the following link.

<a href="">Download Xml Parsers</a>

Hope it will solve your problem.Let me know the result.


<b>Shiv Prashant Dixit</b>

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Shiv, You are my hero!. You solved the problem. Thank you for your prompt help.


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Hello Kan,

I am facing the same issue now. Earlier DB and application are in the same server, now DB is being migrated to different server and testing is carried out. When I tired to import a data, it throws the following error:

<Failure ts="2013/12/16 10:35:25.959 GMT" tid="9976" entry-no="4" operation="Cannot load XML file.<LINE-FEED/>Error:<LINE-FEED/>COM error 80040154  Class not registered<LINE-FEED/>Source =

As suggested above, do we need install Xml parser. If so, in which machine do I need to do so, (i.e) MDM server or DB server.

Note: MDM 5.5 and SQL2005 is the Db which we use now.


Ganesh Mani.K

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