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MDM Components

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what are the Components In MDM ? Briefly introduce and how to use Real time process?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I hope you are looking for these components

<b>Master Data Server and Layout Server</b>

1) MDM Server

Manages access through the DBMS to one or more MDM repositories containing

master data. The MDM Server passes this information to various client components across a network.

2) MDM Import Server

Allows you to import data automatically in conjunction with predefined inbound ports

and import maps.

3) MDM Syndication Server

Allows you to export data automatically in conjunction with predefined outbound ports

and syndicator maps.

4) MDM Business Content

Contains predefined repositories and XI content for the following object types:

1) Material (for ERP)

2) Vendor (for ERP)

3) Customer (for ERP)

4) Employee (for ERP)

5) Article (for SAP Retail)

6) Product/Material (for CRM/SRM, ERP)

7) Business Partner/Vendor/Customer (for CRM/SRM, ERP)

<b>MDM Administration Components</b>

1) MDM Console

Allows you to administer and monitor the MDM Server. It also allows you to create

and maintain the structure of MDM repositories as well as to control access to them.


Allows you to manage the MDM software and MDM repositories using a command

line interface instead of the MDM Console.

<b>MDM Client Components</b>

1) MDM Data Manager (Client)

Is the primary client of the MDM Server. It allows users to store, manage and update

master data consisting of text, images, and other rich content, and to create

taxonomies, families, and relationships.

2) MDM Import Manager

Allows you to import master data from most types of flat or relational electronic

source files (e.g. Excel, delimited text, SQL, XML, and any ODBC-compliant source),

and to restructure, cleanse, and normalize master data as part of the import process.

3)MDM Syndicator

Allows you to map and export master data to various remote systems (such as ERP

master data clients, Web catalogs) and files with flat or relational formats.

These are some basic components of MDM 5.5. Apart from these you can also use technologies like Java API, ABAP API, webservices, XI for integration purposes

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Answers (1)

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Thank U