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MDM BI Integration using ABAP API

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Hi Folks,

I am trying to do MDM-BI Integration using MDM ABAP API. I have done all the configurations in mdmapic transaction and I have tested as well. I am able to connect to MDM server from BI Server using ABAP API.

I have also created an Open Hub Destination in BI system using Destination Type as SAP Netweaver MDM but when I am activating that Open Hub Destination its giving me error in class CL_MDE_BI_MAPPING.

I am giving Open Hub Destination Name same as the repository name which I have given in mdmapic. I have not created any repository in MDM yet.

In Target System Key I am specifying the Logical name of the repository specified in mdmapic transaction.

Can anyone suggest what could be the problem.

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Dear Varun,

two things are important when using the MDM BI Integration: first you MUST register. Please contact Caren Comer! Second thing is: please read the docmumentation and open a CSS message given the case you notice a strange behavior.

Best regards,