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MDM - BASIS related Tasks

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hi Team,

All though i am very new to MDM but i wish to know what are all the roles & responsibilities of BASIS consultants in MDM. Any Good reference docs/URLs would be a great help from the whole team.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Sekhar,

MDM - BASIS has an important role to play when the server related issues are concerned.

1. Downloading the softwares (for eg: MDM 7.1).

2. Downloaing the Business Content (for eg: Article, Business Partner, Employee, Products, etc).

3. Restarting the listeners and other services.



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Thanks for the responses.



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Hi Sekhar,

You have a important role to play.

1. The Basis is responsible for installing Server,latest build version and latest support packages and patches. Also you need to install the MDIS and MDSS for automatic Import and Syndication.

2. The Basis are responsible for installing the 4 GUI's/Clients.

3. The maintenace of the server in case of error is taken care by Basis.

4. There are mds.ini files maintained in the Server level. For many MDM integration scenarios, we need to maintain some paramemters here. But the authorisation for it is only with the Basis. This is small example where the Basis helps us in.

5. There are also files like Allow.ip and Deny.ip, which again is mailtained by the Basis.

6. Periodically check log files in Server folder under SAP MDM 5.5. and archive unnessary files on other drive.

7. Also do same activity for Import and Syndication server, because log files took extra space and will be generated on daliy basis.

8. Periodically take archives of repositories on local drives.

9. Use CCMS for monitoring MDM performance including Import, syndication, and layout server. use tcodes rz20, rz21 etc.

10. Take archives of all repository on daily basis which are running on mdm server because in case of server crashes, you would have all the backup for the repo and you wont face any problem.

Other than installations etc, the Basis team supports in solving the Server issues, Database issues, does configuration at the Server level for connectivity to other systems.

Hope it helps.

Thank you,