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MDM 7.1 installation on AIX/Oracle

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Hi all,

I'm trying to install MDM 7.1 on AIX6.1/Oracle 10g and I have several questions.

1. About Oracle client

According to installation guide, I need to install Oracle client on MDS(MDM server).

SAP note #819829 introduces Oracle instant client on UNIX, and according to it, the prerequisite is as follows:

- The SAP system runs with SAP Kernel 7.00 and above

Can I use Oracle instant client with MDM 7.1?

I think MDM is not based SAP kernel so I have no way to judge...

2. About creating database

Since sapinst does not create database of MDM, I need to create it manually.

In case of DB6, SAP offers sample scripts to create MDM database.

But for Oracle, there is no sample scripts.

Does anyone have infomation about that?

I created one database using DBCA, but I'm not sure what parameters I should choose..

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ikue,

You need Oracle Client install corresponding to the version of your Oracle DB (eg 10.2). I dont think that Oracle instant client is supported for 7.1.

Hope this helps!!



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Hi Arafat,

Thanks for your comment.

I hadn't understood how to install Oracle client, I extracted OCL10264.SAR file in the DVD media for Oracle client 10.2 as a test. As a result it was extracted to "instantclient_10202" directory. It is likely instant client.

After that I set up MDS server, created database and I have succeeded to create test repository in my MDM system.

So it seems Oracle instant client also works for MDM 7.1. Of course I don't think my result is absolute - still I need to ask SAP whether it is supported or not.

And I'm also waiting information about 2(creating MDM database scripts).

Best regards,


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In the end I could not find any documents or scripts how to create Oracle database.

My MDM seems to be working well with a database which I created using DBCA.

So I will close this topic.

If someone has further information, pls let me know.


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hi lue

if when we installing the distrubuted system that time how we connect the database sytem .



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