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MDK Persistence Examples

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I tried to run the PersistenceExample today (the other examples worked fine), but I always get a "Error during startup" error.

According to the log/trace file I assume that a missing conversation ID is the reason for this:


D Me Persistence initialization, step 1: start create instance of

D Me Persistence initialization, step 2: start create instance of

D Me Persistence initialization, step 3: end create instance of

E There is no MSD for current application (persistenceExample)

D Me Persistence initialization, step 4: get TransactionManager for ConversationID: null

I have not synced the mobile so far (due to the fact that we did not setup a WebAS yet), is this a requirement for this example ?

Help is appreciated...



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Hi Matthias,

all more complex examples like Persistence and Generic Sync require initial deployment of the application via the standard Web Console mechanism. Later deployments of own developments can then be done through the Export mechanism of Eclipse. The problem is that the Web Console generates plenty of IDs when the app is deployed, incl. the Device ID (on 1st sync) and the conversation ID (on app deployment). When using the persistence API, the conv. ID is required (as above trace shows). It's really only for the first hello World examples under Getting Started, that can be deployed without initial Web Console deployment.

Cu, Jan