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MDK - Asset Manager - build - ERROR node:crypto

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I am building Asset Manager for Android.

  • MDK: 23.8.7-002
  • SAM: 2310.0.3
  • Node: 16.14.0
  • Webpack: 5.92.0

I have built SAM many times before. The project is in a virtual machine with Windows, VM is used only for building this version of SAM. Today I needed to recreate client (use command create-client.cmd). Command failed with error:

ERROR in node:crypto
Module build failed: UnhandledSchemeError: Reading from "node:crypto" is not handled by plugins (Unhandled scheme).
Webpack supports "data:" and "file:" URIs by default.
You may need an additional plugin to handle "node:" URIs.

Some dependencies are installed each time when the create-client.cmd is executed. Maybe some dependencies have changed? I am not aware of any changes in the VM. I have tried MDK 24.X, but same error. Build in BTP Mobile Services does not have this problem.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Please check SAP Note # 3480260

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Thank you. "uuid@9.0.1" worked.