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MDG Replication to two ECC systems

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Hi Folks,

I have requirement to replicate MDG Finance master data (IDOCs) to System A and System B.

MDG -> SAP PO -> ECC system A ( to receive only 100, 101, 102 Company code data)

MDG -> SAP PO -> ECC system B ( to receive all Company code data)

However, only data that is specific to Company code 100, 101, 102 should be sent to System A and all Company codes can be received by System B.

I know that using Company code filters in ALE distribution model this can be acheived but here since SAP PO is used I cannot use filters specific to a target system as SAP PO is the only receiving system from MDG.

In such case, should this filtering be done in PO? Or is there a possibility in MDG to setup such filters? Thanks.

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At MDG side, you may use DRFF transaction to apply filters based on company codes for replication model.