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MDG F4 on characteristic value

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Hi All,

I am facing issue on MDG system while assigning F4 FM to characteristic value. Value table used for F4 have more than one primary key and that is why I need to use FM option. Everything works fine on GUI but on WUI ends with dump.

This is the case for all F4 methods on our MDG system. Could someone support me with solution?

Attaching pictures with dump on GUI and WUI.

Thank you in advance,


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Answers (1)

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Hi ,

If you want to add the f4 help for any field in mdg

1) Append the field into sturucture/table

2) To create the elementary/collective search help and then assigned to field level or using the search help exist

3) to activate the all related tables and

4) to identify the data model related to the field

5) To adjusted and activate the data model in data modeling

6) Then find out the feeder class for that uibb and to add the logic for newly added filed

Please follow the above procedure you will achieve the requirement

By Using function module

1) Please add the logic or use function module in feeder class

2) Activate the class

3) Related data structures/tables must be activated

4) to activate the data model means adjust the datat model and activate it