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MaxDB7.8 upgrade & Livecache upgrade

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Hi Experts,

I am new to this technology...

Currently we have installed Livecache & We would like todo upgrade ...

Question is Do I have to upgrade first MaxDB to 7.8 & then Livecache....7.7..!!

or just I need to upgrade to Livecache 7.7 <Latest Build>, In this case does it upgrade MaxDB as well?

I am not sure if we run MaxDB on 7.8 & Livecache on 7.7

Appreciate your help



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Answers (1)

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Hello Rakesh,

if you are install the liveCache instance you are SAP customer. Correct?

Please see the upgrade documentation and notes at

-> What is the version of the database?

< review the SAP Note 972785 >

-> What is the type of the database instance?

< check the value of InstanceType, Type of database instance, database parameter >

-> What is the version of the system connected to the database?

Please update with the output of the command :

sdbregview -l

Thank you and best regards, Natalia khlopina