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MaxDb trial cloud, restart required (database) error message.

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   I was testing out a Java application using a MaxDB on the cloud, everything has gone well - even complex stuff. I have no complaints.

   I managed to crash my MaxDB though, and would prefer to be able to restart it instead of deleting it, and creating a new one.

   (I know how to restart my MaxDB locally - but not on the clould. -  Related issues: how did I kill it. I ran a reporting tool with a parameter in the select part of the query - thus not in the where but in the select. I have already noticed that this does not work but was not expecting this to cause a crash.

    I can find another solution for the query - and so I do not care about the cause.... Maybe test my queries always first on my local db... silly.....


   Currently everything seems to be down-ish on

   if I wait until tomorrow will something kick in and restart it. I could not find the button anywhere, and not can not really connect any to investigate further.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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the MaxDB in the Trial landscape is a shared one, so we cannot allow any one user on it to manage it's lifecycle, because it would impact all the others.

When deleting your schema you are in fact only deleting a single DB user on the shared DB server.

The server has since be restarted. Please don't crash it again

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    Sorry - I had assumed that I was slightly insulated from everyone else.

    That was 100% my fault..... I had thought separate db's 1 listener. But, I do indeed see all of the other account names - of course have no access to them - thus how could it be anything else. Well now that makes sense. Duh.

   I will only test reports locally where I am only a danger to myself. I had tested it locally but with hard coded values in the place of the parameters in the select part. I did not think that.... I am testing locally from now on.

   My first post wins me a Darwin award. There is a positive I won something.

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