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MaxDB Studio - SQL sessions are not possible !!!

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Dear Experts,

I need to import a few objects in a freshly installed MaxDB database 7.9 SP08 patch 40.
When I select the corresponding menu in Database Studio (Right click on the database -> Export / Import -> Import),
it gives me the following error:

Import is only possible with a valid SQL Login

I somehow painfully discovered, that the user CONTROL is meant only to perform DBA tasks, but has no rights
to mess with the data.

I killed the next 3-4 hours to figure out how to create a SQL user. Finally I managed to do this via sqlcli and I have
created a DBADMIN user. This user is legible and I can login with it via sqlcli and do stuff like select * from tables.

Nevertheless, when I try to login with this user in the SQL Editor in Database Studio, it keeps saying:

SQL sessions are not possible


Could not connect SQL due to: [-4008]: Unknown user name/password combination

PLEASE kindly help! This literally killed my whole day ๐Ÿ˜ž I am not able to proceed further ๐Ÿ˜ž

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Hi Symon Braunbaer, you use really old software. In this software version there were some problem with the password handling we solved in further software versions. So, the best idea is to update database software and use the current database studio.

Try again to create database user:

Creating Database Users - SAP Help Portal

For changing passwords for database system administrator if you know CONTROL user/password proceed as described in note

  • 25591 - Password change for DBM and DBA users

Further information you find in note 2541562 - Resetting passwords as of SAP MaxDB

In case of an error, please check the log files for more information about your error - for SAP customers we suggest for example note 826037. If information in the log files does not help to understand the problem the best way is to open a message and attach all log files for support.

Regards Birgit Malik IMS SAP MaxDB

Note 2120775 Overview user/password changes

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Answers (2)

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Hello Birgit,

many thanks for your advice! It sounds reasonable.
I was also against installing such an old version, but I was basically talked into by other people in the team.
They were basically insisting, that the source and the target system must be running the same DB version.
We will be migrating the content server from another platform and the source system is having an even
older version - 7.9 SP8 Patch 23. So Patch 40 was the oldest we found, so we went for it.

Could you please advise on that, is that correct ?

And another thing is the SQL login - in the end I was able to login with the SAPR3 user, which seemed to be
created at installation time.

Please kindly let me know, why I could login with the build in user from Database Studio, but not with a user,
which I created myself by using the command from SAP note 582765 ? And connection via sqlcli works ?

As far as I know, we are using quite recent version of Database Studio -

Hello Sriram,

many thanks for the links you sent me. I went through both of them, but they did not seem to be helpful, as they
did not seem to provide direct and clear solutions for my problem ๐Ÿ˜ž

Many thanks!

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