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MAXDB Patching problem.

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Hello everyone~

We migrated a MAXDB database to another server.

After the migration, we want to patch the MAXDB, the version of the patch which we use is:

But the patch installation failed, and from the logs we could find following message:

2009-02-24 18:10:56 0x1948 ERR 20000 Kernel Assertion of state The software version is too old failed!

2009-02-24 18:10:56 0x1948 ERR 4 KernelCo + The persistent version is: Version =

Do we need to install version patch first?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance~~


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Hi Vivian,

just to be sure: the version on your source database was 7.6.04 Build 16 and now you installed 7.6.04 Build 11 and tried to run it ?

Be aware that you can only upgrade a MaxDB database but never downgrade.

So you'll have to use at least the version you had on the source system.

Oh, and yes, how exactly did you do the migration from one server to the other?




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Hi Lars, Haha, we are not trying to downgrade MAXDB. Actually we were trying to upgrade it to "" version which failed yesterday.

But now the problem has been resolved. The root cause has nothing to do with the patch, it is because when we restored the database earlier, we did not use the right SYSADM password of the old database.

We have restore the database again with the right sysadm password, and now the patch is installed successfully.

And to your question, yes, we use the backup & restore to migrate the database.

Thanks for your help !

Vivian ^^