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MaxDB on Linux

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Dear all,

I am a beginner in maxdb.I have installed maxdb(7.5) on Linux and its running remotely. I connect through my current Windows XP machine. I have the DBMGUI and SQL studio running in my local Win-XP machine and I want to connect to the database instance I created with the following command in Linux

>>dbmcli db_create HOTELDB -u dbm,dbm

1. But, I get the error, Database not running. How to rectify this error because when I am able to create a database instance with the above mentioned command I assume the database is runnning.

also suggestions for any commands to start and stop the database on linux are welcome

2. how do i create a user to the database instance thats on a remote linux system.

Kindly help me with this and any help is greatly appreciated.



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1. you can check if your database instance is running with:

dbmcli -n <hostname of dbserver> -d HOTELDB -u dbm,dbm db_state

2. depends on what kind of user you want to create, i.e. what you're planning on doing with it.