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maxdb issues application to db connectivity failing

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Our one of running system which is hosted on windows vm and has been migrated to new host keeping the same host name but the ip has changed.Now after that we are getting a error saying that

      • ERROR => Couldn't get database version : sqlcode=-709

4 ETW000 59 4.510158

4 ETW000 [ ,597] ***LOG BY2=>sql error -709 performing CON

4 ETW000 121 4.510279

any pointers related to the issue.Thanks.

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If you are SAP customer => I recommend to create the SAP message.

As the post has NOT helpful information to identify the reason of the "sql error -709 performing CON".

In general:

-709: Connect failed, check SERVERDB


An error was detected while processing the connection (CONNECT statement).

User Response

Check the database name and correct it if necessary.

Check whether the database is in operation status ONLINE. If not, start the database.

If the data transfer to the database has been interrupted, restore it.


Information needed:

  • What is the version of the system?

  • What was done to migrate the system/database to new host?

What note/document/procedure steps you followed?

  • Did you test connection in DB50?

  • What are xuser settings for <sid>adm on new host?

Regards, Natalia Khlopina

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The issue was resolved.It was due to hostnames.Since it is a very old system i dont think so sap will support.Thanks.