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Max widh and hight of windows in smart forms

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Hello All,

Could you let me know what is the maximum width of the main window could be in CM in smart forms, same for hight also. Also kindly advise about following:

If I want to draw horizental and vertical line how can i do it.

If I want to make some word bold how can i do it.

If I want to check for a condition in the loop how can i do it.

I would appriciate the knowledge of you guys in this domain. Kindly throw some light on these questions.



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Answers (2)

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hi mark,

the maximum height of the table is between 30-32 cm and width is of 20cm.

To draw horizontal lines u can either use a TEMPLATE or TABLE by selecting the required pattern...

To display a word in BOLD u can define a character format in SMARTSTYLES of type BOLD

To check for the condition in loop u can either put a condition on TEXT on condition tab or else u can use a ALTERATIVE node to display a text based on condition...

u can also put condition on loop node...

please reward in case usefull...



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Height 30 CM Width 20 CM (approximately)

1) For drawing hotizontal and vertical lines place a table in your form and you can select the pattern in the table according to your requirment.

2) Define character format in SMARTSTYLE and call it in your smartform. In character fromat you can select the Font style as BOLD.

3) Create program line and you can place all your conditions in program lines.

Reward points to all useful answers.