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Matrix Layout Component in WebDynPro

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The example of the matrix layout component in the webdynpro library shows various cells/fields scattered in a rectangle. They create an illusion of randomly-scattered elements with different x- and y-axes, but I'm not sure if they really have coordinates.

Can someone describe the matrix layout - how it works and what it is supposed to show/do??

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I don't have much experience with the matrix layout myself, but I think I can explain the basic idea:

If you put child elements into a container, e.g. a TransparentContainer element, which has MatrixLayout, then each child element automatically becomes enclosed in a cell of that matrix and therefore gets some extra properties. Most of those properties are for controlling the placement of the element in the cell (gutter, align, etc.).

The arrangement of cells in the matrix is not - as you would have guessed - determined by coordinates, but by two simple rules:

- You set the layoutData property of an element to MatrixHeadData to make the cell containing this element the first cell of a new row.

- You set the colSpan attribute to extend a cell across several columns in the matrix.

Hope this helps

Peter Tillert