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MATMAS04 and MDME5.5

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I have created IDoc from R/3 4.6C to XI 3.0 using matmas04. Now I have to send data from XI to FTP server of MDME 5.5. Where to get (or how to import) MATMAS04 to MDME 5.5 repository


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The following is a description of the process in a nut-shell: you need to run the MDM Import manger, connect to the pre-defined Material repository and then open the map that corresponds to the matamas04 object and proceed with the import.

MDM is shipped with pre packaged content , this includes pre-defined repository and import maps for the supported SAP object (Vendor, material customer and employee objects).

Note that probably before importing the matamas into MDM you would like to update the check tables in MDM, and only after that proceed to the main object import. In addition you need to define the client system to designate the matamas data source (in the Console, Agency table – set the type import/export type).

More details on the process can be found in:

MDME 5.5 - ConfigGuide - MD Consolidation & MD Harmonization

use the following quick Link: nw04installation

The navigate to:



=> MDME 5.5 - ConfigGuide - MD Consolidation & MD Harmonization

(It seems that this document has been split – so it only contains a portion of the

whole process, if you need the additional section, please send me an email)

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Thanks Kevin 4 info. Problem solved