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Master Data uploaded to ODS not generated automatically

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Hello gurus!!

I have an issue with a query that gets its information from and ODS.

After the variable selection is done the error message:

"Value '' (hex. '') of characteristic contains invalid characters"

"System error in program SAPLRRK0 and form RSRDR;SRRK0F30-01-" (BRAIN 299 )

If you go to the ODS you can see the lines correctly but you can't see them on the Bex query.. workbooks.. etc.


The issue has the following remarks:

1. Comes up on certain selection (not all)

2. The issue lies over the uploaded data from ECC system..

3. Data is loaded directly (meaning it doesn't have any other ODS or object between ECC and it self..

4. The Infopackage is loading information and it has the "Always update data, even if no master data exists for the data" flag marked. But it doesn't update master data correctly for 2 characteristcis.. meaning it updates data for most but some lines are in the ODS that don't exist in the MD..

5. Both these characteristics are texts.. and if I add a blank space or delete it from R3 and delete and reload in BW it works correctly.. But there are to many issues and its very time consumin to solve one line at a time.

6. Both these Characteristics hace there sid table but they cant be maintained since they don't have Master data table or views..

I've tried using RSRV transaction so solve it, since it detects SID issues but it doesn't work..

I've also tried marking the "Lowercase Letters" flag in the characteristics and reloading but it doesn't work eather..

I've searched for SAP notes but haven't been able to find a note that could solve this issue..

I appreciate your help.

Best regards and thank you..


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Hi Jorge,

Has your ODS the SID generation flag on?

Regards, Federico

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Thank you very much Federico..

Sometimes the most simplest of things are overlooked..!

Best regards..