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Master Data Text is not showing properly in Analysis for Office Excel workbook after transport

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Hi, experts.

We have AO workbooks that were transported from DEV to QAS.

Everything's working in QAS but we are experiencing a problem/bug with some of our characteristics' master data text values not showing properly.

Here's an example:

We have an Invoice Reference field that has blank values (transactional data). Blank values in BW reporting show a value of '#' or a 'Not assigned' text or an 'X' as seen in picture1 below.


Now, for those that are 'Not Assigned', 'X', and '#' in value, we manage to make it blank. See picture2 below.


Here's the problem (in QAS - after transport), sometimes when opening the report, we are still seeing values for 'Not Assigned', 'X', and '#' (see picture1). Query option/setting for Invoice Reference is already in Text. Short, Medium, and Long text options are okay. We also have done RSRV to check the Invoice Reference IO, but to no avail.

It's like an on/off scenario when opening the AO workbook in QAS and we just can't pinpoint where is the problem. Is there a setting that we can check out in Analysis for Office Excel that can trigger the correctness of report output (especially master data text output) in our QAS box?

Hoping that I made it clear and hoping that someone also experienced this already with AO for Excel and can share what they did or you guys can share a workaround for this to work properly.

Thanks in advance for the help, everyone!

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