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Master data Load Failure

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Hi All,

Could any body clearly explain the following options in the Info Package of master data Info Object with full update

Update data

1. PSA and then into Info Obejcts

2 . Only PSA ( Update Subsequently in data targets )

Data source trasfers no duplicate records

Igonore double data records

While I am doing master data load with the 1 and 3 options I am getting same no of records updated in PSA but loadng is getting failured with the 1st option (Caller 01 02 .. 20 Messages ) .and request with 3rd option is success..

Thanks in Advance...



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Answers (2)

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In PSA and then at once in InfoCube or InfoObject


Select this field if you want to update data first to the PSA and then want to post it to InfoCubes or the master data table of an InfoObject. If there is an error while posting to the InfoCubes or the master data table of an InfoObject, the data is in the PSA and you can post the data again from there.

2. Update InfoCube/Master Data Table from DSO if DSO is loaded

If you set this indicator, data is updated to the data targets after it has been loaded successfully into the PSA.



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U r master data might have the Dublicate records

select the PSA

and select the option

Ignore dublicate data records

IF you have the Deblicates






ITs not alowed the 1010 record