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Master data - Language dependent descriptions

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Hi experts,

we are facing the following problem. We have loaded the master data of the infoobject 0ORGUNIT in order to have the short and medium description for Purchasing Groups and Purchasing Organizations. After loading the master data, we found that the reports were showing those descriptions only for a few purchasing groups and purchasing organizations, although the source system present short and medium description for all of them.

We discovered that those org. units that were not presenting short and medium description were registered in the source system in a different language of the report language. For instance, if a org. unit was registered in english and the report shows the data in spanish, the descritpion in the report is not shown, but if I present the same report in english, the description is shown.

So, to solve this problem, we have to replicate the short and medium descriptions to all languages that we use, because our reports must be available in different languages. My question is: is it simple to implement this solution in the transfer rule? Is this the best solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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best way is to create a startroutine that doubles the records. You only have to move the proper language to the field 0Language.

And yes, it is done in the transfer rules.

like this:

delete datapak where language NE 'EN'.

*to avoid dulicate records

clear: wa_datapak, itab_datapak.

refresh. itab_datapak.

itab_datapak[] = datapak[]

clear: datapak.

refresh datapak.

loop at itab_datapak into wa_datapak.

append wa_datapak to datapak.

move 'DE' to wa_datapak-language.

append wa datapak to datapak.

move 'ES' to ......

*and so on.


Result: the English texts will be available for all other languages.

If this is not sufficient, you must maintain the texts in the source system.




Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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I know R3 and i am sure that create new texts is possible.......the most correct way to solve this problem is create the texts for the OrgUnits in all the languages in R3 and then load into BW....i think it should be made in R3 not in BW

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Ok, Sven, I'll try that out.


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Exactly. For one org. unit row in the source system, we must have 3 in BW, one for each language (english, spanish and portuguese). What is APD? Is it better to implement the solution in APD? If I do it in the transfer rule, how can I have 3 RESULTs in a routine?

Thanks for your answer.

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Hi Thiago

If your IO is flaged language dependent then you have to map 0langu with the field spras this should solve your issue.



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Do you mean - disaggregate on load

ie one record in .. multiple records out - one row for each language key?

We do it using APD - but transfer rules could do it as well