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Mass import of transports - common issues

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We are performing our due diligence to mass import transports into production on our ECC system. This is mainly due to the number of transports that have to be brought into the system during a project or a maintenance/functional release. What are some of the most common issues you have encountered in mass imports and what were your resolutions to those?

If anyone is aware of any "lessons learnt" documents on this subject, please point me to their location.

Thank you,


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Hi Mike,

There isn't much documentation on this that we can point you towards. However, I can share a few points that you can keep in mind when going for mass transports.

1. Make sure you have sufficient free space in your trans filesystem. This is because log files will be generated for each request and you need to have sufficient free space available.

2. After the transports are done, check the transport history to see if any transports have failed with RC > 8. If so, correct the error and reimport that transport as well as all the following transports in the same sequence again.

3. You must have decided on a certain time when the mass transports run in your system. You can schedule a job in STMS as per your transport requirement and the imports will only happen then.

4. You can set the stop mark at the end of the queue to avoid additional transports from getting imported.

Though there are no specific points, I can suggest that you configure QA approval procedure. What that will do is allow you to control which transports come to your production and in which order. Therefore, no unwanted transports come to your PRD and you have control over this.

Let me know if you needed some other kind of info.