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can we invoke ABAP methods within XSL Transformation ?

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>>>can we invoke ABAP methods within XSL Transformation ?

yes you can



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XSLT Mapping

One can also think of Java mapping as another option but it is a bit complex and required knowledge of Java. In such cases, XSLT mapping can be the best approach to meet the requirements.

A few example cases in which an XSLT mapping can be used:-

1. When the required output is other than XML like Text, Html or XHTML (html displayed as XML)

2. When default namespace coming from graphical mapping is not required or is to be changed as per requirements.

3. When data is to be filtered based on certain fields (considering File as source)

4. When data is to be sorted based on certain field (considering File as source)

5. When data is to be grouped based on certain field (considering File as source)

Advantages of using XSLT mapping

· *# XSLT program itself defines its own target structure.

1. XSLT programs can be imported into SAP XI. Message mapping step can be avoided. One can directly go for interface mapping once message interfaces are created and mapping is imported.

2. XSLT provides use of number of standard XPath functions that can replaces graphical mapping involving user defined java functions easily.

3. File content conversion at receiver side can be avoided in case of text or html output.

4. Multiple occurrences of node within tree (source XML) can be handled easily.

5. XSLT can be used in combination with graphical mapping.

6. Multi-mapping is also possible using xslt.

XSLT can be used with ABAP and JAVA Extensions.

Dynamically sending a mail to the PO creator using XSLT- ABAP Mapping


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