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Mapping question

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Hi all,

We've created a java extension that makes an RFC call (via JCo API) to a remote SAP R/3 system. Typically, our java method receives an input parameter (String) from a specific field in the input xml file and passes that parameter to the remote function. The mapping was designed using the mapping tool.

Our problem:

Since our mapping function (our java extension) didn't work properly, I've added some "System.out.println(...)" in our java method and realized that the input parameter was empty?!? If I hard code the value before making the RFC call, everything works fine.

My question:

My knowledge of XI and its mapping tool is quite limited... Aside from connecting all those objects together: source input field --> java extension --> target output field (again, using the mapping tool), what do we need to do to make this kind of mapping work?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi Nathalie,

could you check if the input parameter is passed correctly to your function? Since it works with a hard coded value, the parameter probably never enters your function. Just try if you can make a 1:1 mapping (output value = input value).

Best regards


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We already tried that mapping (output value = input value). And it works fine.

We are trying to perform the 8.1 section of document written by Jerome Delune.

(How to Perform SAP Data Lookups Within XI Mappings).

Aside the function name and the parameters name the only difference between our function code and Jerome's one is the method's signature.

Our: public String UOMLookup (String a) {

Jerome's: public String UOMLookup (String a, Container container) {

Note: This signture is build automaticaly when we create a user-define function with the GUI mapping


Nathalie and Francois

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Hi Francois,

Will you please tell me where can I find the section "How to Perform SAP Data Lookups Within XI Mappings" mentioned in your message?

Waiting for your response...

best regards,


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You can find it in the SDN.

On the main page of this site it is available.

have a look at Exchange Infrastructure and then XI2.0 topics.