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Mapping question regarding Envelope

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I have a scenario where the vendor requires certain fields and values to be present in the envelope in order to process the message. The envelope has to look as such and an HTTP Post has to be used as the communication.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding=”UTF-16”?>

<Envelope version="01.00">








<TransactInfo transactType="data">





<PacketInfo packetType="data">


<Action> SET</Action>








How would one go about manipulating the envelope header information in an HTTP post to match this example? This is apparently some HR-XML standard specification.



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Hi Richard,

You can define this XML structure as a Data Type in XI. or You could import the XSD into 'External definitions'.

Use that for your mapping. The output of this map will give you this XML, which can be sent to the target via HTTP Post.

This entire envelope (including its header & payload) acts as a message payload for XI. So you could manipulate the Header or Payload of the envelope during the XI Mapping.

The HTTP adapter can POST the output XML as it is to the target system.

Hope this clarifies.


Pops V.

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Thanks POPS. I wil try this and see if they accept it.