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mapping performance

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is there any document available which contains informations about the mapping performance of the different kinds of mappings passible in the XI? What I would like to know is, did anybody compare java mappings and xslt mappings? what should I prefer while developing a new mapping?


Robin Senge

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Hello Robin,

Since mapping performance depends on a multitude of parameters, it's not easy to give simple answers. You have to take into account the size of the document, the degree of structure breaking, the skills of the developer, the built in parser...

There are some tests comparing the built in message mapping tool to xslt mappings. The performance of the two techniques was quite similar. So performance doesn't seem to be a criteria for decision taking.

The official recommendation of SAP is to take the built in message mapping tool, since

- you do not need an additional development tool

- mappings can be developed, viewed and tested the Integration Repository

- there is no size limitation when it comes to mapping of big files (compared to xslt)

- mapping developers do not require any Java or xslt knowledge.

Since you're posting the topic in the BPM forum (and not in the XI forum), I assume that you call the mapping in an Integration Process? If you have performance issues there, I'd recommend to apply your mappings to the messages before entering your process or after leaving your process. There you'll gain a net improvement in performance.

Best regards