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Mapping of recursive item

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Component I am working on consists of two Views.

One recursive structure is shared by both of them.

Fist View fills the structure and second one displays the structure data in accordance with different filters.

I defined global structure in the Component context and created identical one through mapping manipulation between component and View contexts for each of the iViews.

I didn’t succeed to map recursive item.

How can I map recursive item of the Component context to the one of the View Context?

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<i>I didn’t succeed to map recursive item.</i>

Could you provide more details? What exactly goes wrong? Does your WD application fail to compile / build? Does it behave incorrectly at runtime? How does it manifest symptoms?

I know that there were problems with recursive node mapping between components before SP9. Probably the same error happens for mapping inside single component.



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Hi Valery,

I changed the context concept so that recursive node definition has been moved to the level of specific View. So there is no more mapping problem.

Thanks a lot.