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Mapping Info.

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hi all,

My problem is I have a done a message mapping in design...Now I want to send the mapping info to successful or unsuccessful....Do i need to used the User defined function with methods such as add info to send the mapping info to can this be made successful????

Any replies will be highly beneficial...



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Answers (3)

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Hi all,

sorry for making question clear...

my scnenario can be anything....say file->Xi->file..

what I want is...if there is any message mapping error (for any case say sync/async interface).I want to send that info to sender.....

Here can I use the objects of mapping trace as they contain info of mapping execution ..if so how??

or is there any other way.....??



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Hi Gavin ,

Do you want to intimate mapping interface process status ( success or failure )to the sender interface ?

Let me know what is that sender interface (Is it synchronus ? )

For raising exceptions you can use Fault message type but can you eloborate your requirement .


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>>Now I want to send the mapping info to sender

Can you give more details.

You can test your mapping in IR itself.