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Mapping Error...

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Hi Experts,

I have the Source Structure as











Our Requirement is , based on number of repetitions of Header Segment, Number of IDOCs need to be created in the Target Side already done this using split by value option...

I mapped DetailPart Segment to the one of the segments of the IDOC...

If the number of detail segments repeated several times, then we are getting the error...

How to resolve it...

Thanks in advance...



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Check the occurance of the field in the target field.

I speculation is for each header segement a IDoc is created in the target side, but still mapping the details segement to one of the iDoc structre is populating the target segement only in the first idoc occurance and in all the other idoc it is not creaded and so you are getting an error.

Ans are you populating multiple idoc as in the mikes blog