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mapped attribute "name of the attribute" not found

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I have an issue with a Web Dynpro application.

The first Web Dynpro component (A) contains a Web Dynpro project with a Model and an Interface Controller and a Component Controller.

The second WD Component (B) contains a Component Controller and the Views. The IFController from WD Component A is here as Used Web Dynpro Component Usage.

When I add a new attribute in WDC (A) (Model to Custom Controller and then Custom Controller to Component Controller to IFController, etc..) through Context Mapping, I see this attribute in the Used Web Dynpro Component Usage(IFController of WDC (A) after mapping it to the Component Controller of WDC(B) i receive the following error: MappedAttributeInfo:(Controoler>Node>Attribute): mapped attribute "name of the attribute" not found.

Please help!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Taibi,

Make sure in the diagram view that the mapping is visible between all nodes. Usually when a new attribute is added to the context the mapping should also be done manually in the mapping view.

Once you make any changes to the Interface controller it is a good idea to delete and add the Interface controller in the used components so that the changes are reflected. Make sure in the WDC(B) the changes in the used Interface controllers are visible and the intended mapping is there.

Let me know if this helps.



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Hi Sanyev,

Thanks for your answer.

The mapping is visible in all nodes, I did mapped the attribute manually.

The attribute is visible in the Interface Controller.

In Component B when I map the attribute from the Used Web Dynpro Component (Interface Controller) I receive the error that the attribute is not mapped.

Thanks again.


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1 - Check If the JCo Destination user is not locked or the password of this user has been expired.

2- In the NWDI environment, Build the project, reload and rebuild, deploy and rebuild the project.

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