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Mandatory parameters in mappings

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I am having a mapping where few parameters are mandatory in the target map.I made the MinOccurs and MaxOccurs as 1 for these fields. Still if sometimes the field is missing is source message the mappings executes flawlessly and delivers the file to the target system (my target system is flat file interface) without generating the mandatory field.

Can anyone tell me whether the map will fail at runtime if mandatory parameters did'nt get generated or not? If not then can there be the way to fail the map?

Thanks in advance.



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If you are using Graphical Mapping:

If you don't map a mandatory target field, it will shown in red in graphical mapping.Altough it will " save" successfully, When you use the TEST tool in IB it will complain as "Mapping object <Your Mapname> incomplete. Unable to continue execution". So you can debug at this point itself to map the mandatory field.

During activation it will complain "Mapping not sufficiently defined".

If you are NOT using Grpahical mapping:

Then your XSLT map/Java Map may create the target message without mandatory fields.

In this case, You can validate your transformed XML message against the XSD for conformation.