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Mandatory Data Purge to Send Reports?

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Is there any way to force users to purge report data prior to sending to a BO inbox?

I suspect there is none short of building a whole new interface using the SDK, but I have been tasked to find a way by one of my managers.

Platform:  XI R3.1 SP6

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Doug,

As a common practice we will be sending a particular report to users Inbox only if it is a precanned in nature and personalized for their parameters. There is no meaning in sending the purged report to users Inbox. In such cases we will generally keep the reports in public folders and set them with "Refresh on Open". In general purging  will not come in to the picture while scheduling the report.

Have a look here for SDK code to purge data provider.



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I am not talking about in a scheduled report context.  I am talking about a user selected a report in their Favorites folder and clicking the Send To button.

That link is helpful if we choose to customize our BO deployment.  I am saving in my links.

Thank you.

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