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Managing multiple Redwood environments

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Hello Experts,

We have Development,Test,UAT and Production environment.

We follow the agile method of development so we use development environment for new development. As of now we Export the CAR file and import it to upper environment with import Rule set. Is there any better automated way wherein I can push the required changes directly to upper environment ?

Also we have another problem i.e. we keep doing new development in the Dev environment and bring them up to UAT but while doing release to production we have to go with selective BPA artifacts as some of the changes get postponed to next release in such cases it very difficult to push the selective changes to Production because the artifacts are part of chain and we have to unmap/disjoin them from the chain. (We have single chain and under that there are subchains) Can this be managed in better way in Redwood?

Looking for suggestions if need further details I can provide that.

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Hi, which version do you have ?

You have remote systems that you can use to simply right-click and promote to system a

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