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MAM30 info on installation Cds..

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I see there are two different installation CDs ( PDA-Laptop) and on the Laptop cd there are two different versions of MAM30 syncbos (2004-2005) and both the XMAM30.sda and XMAM30.war

Which file is supposed to be uploaded on the middleware ?

Why there is also a file called MAM_3_0_ML_090_SD_SyncBo_def ?

Why also the XMAM30.sda is present, as with the NWA you can convert the XMAM30.war in order to deploy it on the NWA compomentes ?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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to answer all your questions:

1. SDA is provided just for your convenience. If you deploy standard MAM you can just get ready-to-use sda. Or you can create your own as it is a standard feature of MI (as you correctly mentioned).

2. SyncBo definition files is the same in both zip packages PDA/Laptop versions. In each package there are two definitions: one forbackend version 2004 and higer and the other one for any backend version below (version 2004 is case-sensitive so some filed names in MAM structures will cause erros if you use wrong definition file) But as I said, files themselves are identical in PDA version versus laptop version.

3. File MAM_3_0_ML_090_SD_SyncBo_def is provided so that you can easily convert MAM30_090 into Server-Driven SyncBo. You may want tot do it if you plan to fill lists of standalone technical objects and partners for a user - it will make it easier to maintain data replication. If you are familiar with a document "How to implement Server-Driven SyncBos for MAM and MAU" (which you have to be familiar with) you will see that this document explains how to convert MAM30_090 into type T51 - it required some custom coding. With MAM3.0 Sr5 SAP provided most of this code to ease this process.


Larissa Limarova

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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if you upload the correct SyncBO definition for your backend plugn (2004 or 2005) then the MAM090 SyncBO is of type T01 or Timed2Way. So you replicate this information with a job running every nght for example. For some clients this is not ok and they need this informations in the moment the dataset changes. In that case, you need to upload the MAM 090 SD definition file. This changes the definition for MAM090 syncBO from T01 to T51 - which is the Server DRiven way. Be aware to update other tables as well if you intend to change MAM090 BO to Server driven.



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Dear Roberto,

The two versions MAM30 SyncBO's represents 2004 for NW2004 and 2005 for NW2004s.

According your middleware version you choose those definition files.

If you are implementing Customer Service Application also then we may need so called MAM_3_0_ML_090_SD_SyncBo_def too.

If you want to deploy the MAM Application through Mobile Archive Converter use MAM.war file.

If you want to deploy the MAM Application directly from SDM you can use .sda file.

They are providing different files and you have to choose whatever the option you would like to go.


Ameer Baba.