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MAM3.0 data model

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Two questions from my side:


I have just observed a data model diagram picture (containing the 14SyncBos in older versioned MAM and their relation) as a part of a ppt TMOB20-06.. however this picture is hardly readable:-(

I am not quite aware if there is such a data model (SyncBo and relations) diagram for MAM3.0 ? Have you ever seen such or meRepMeta.xml should be enough...


I saw that there is already a thread here regarding the Javadoc of the mbscore.jar and that there is no such. I really cannot get the idea - how SAP suppose users will use this package stuff without having no documentation on it .. Sorry, if I am misunderstanding the whole picture;-)

Thanks and best regards,


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HI Lalo,

I. There is no data model diagram officially released for MAM 3.0. There are not too many changes from MAM2.5 though. Two new SyncBos - 018 (Classifications) and 080 (Signature). More serious change is that a few SyncBos (030, 031, 041 and 050) are only delivered as Server-Driven type now. So if you have not converted them while using MAM2.5 you will have to understand what does this mean. Data replication is quite different. There is a document describing how to set them up in MAM3.0 package.

I think that analysing SyncBos in merep_pd is easier than meRepMeta.xml file. All relationships are shown in merep_pd.

II. Mbscore is an internal SAP package used by SAP owned applications. So in a way you are not expected to "use" the package explicitly but through SAP applications like MAM. And if you need to enhance them, I beleive the expectations are that you do enhacements following guideline documents provided in MAM package. That is the path encouraged by SAP.


Larissa Limarova

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Hi Larissa,

Thanks - for I. I have nothing to say, OK, will try the profile dialog.

For II. I do not completely agree with you, at least there should be documentation

for package. You cannot convince me that Forward(s), NamingService, BoList, Context(the main to mention) etc. are not supposed to be used

in the client code...

Best regards,