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MAM Scenarios/Authorizations

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to SAP and to SAP MI/MAM. I was told that users can be given an unique MAM Scenario from the backend (SAP R3), which I assume is on the MI Server. This is used to give users a specific "role". So in the MAM, how can I use find out what role/authorization/scenario that the current logged in user has? Is there a SyncBO object that I can use? If so, which one, and what method?

Sorry if I made the incorrect SAP term. Everything is still new to me.

Any help is appreciated!



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Hi Jeffrey,

Answer to your first question, Yes for each user a unique scenario can be created on the backend(R3) but not on the MI server. The scenario created on the backend is just to filter the data that should be send to the client from the backend. In more general terms a scenario is nothing but filtering the data for a particular user.

In a proper MAM scenario there will be a client(either pda or laptop) and middleware (MI) and Backend(R3). In some cases Middleware and Backend could be the same.So for communication to happen from client-backend and viceversa a user should have valid userid in all the systems involved mainly middleware and backend with proper authorizations for synchronization. Only if the user has a valid logon id on the backend and middleware he would be able to sync from the client and once the user synchronizes from the client a request goes to the middleware and using SYNCBO(with specified RFC destination which is nothing but backend) middleware tries to get data for that particular user from the backend. And once the backend delivers data to the middleware it is send down to the client.

For MAM 2.0 syncBO is MAM_095 and for MAM 2.5 syncBO is MAM25_095.

Authorizations on middleware is needed for user for synchronizing from the client and also to execute respective transactions on middleware.

Authorizations on backend are needed to execute respective transactions and also do carry out backend jobs.

But Scenario for a particular user is just to filter data that shuould be send down to the client through middleware.

Hope this clears all your doubts.



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Thanks for the very helpful responses!

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Hi Jeffrey

In back end MAM Scenario is defined in<b> SPRO-->plant maintance and customer service --> maintainance and service processing --> mobile Asset managment --> Define Senario.</b>





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