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malfunctions using struts logic tags with portal applications

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Question 1:

We are trying to migrate an application from ep6 sp2 to nw04 (patchlevel 12). In the jsp files of the application, there is heavy use of struts logic tags. These worked fine on ep6 sp2, but on nw04, it seems that all tags evaluate their conditions as true, displaying the nested content regardless of the real evaluations of the conditions.. The taglibs and classes for taglibs are correctly registered.

Do you have any idea why this may happen?

Question 2:

Using developer studio, how can I make it so that .properties files are copied into the par file when the par file is built? (right now they are not copied and I get a lot of missing ResourceBundle exceptions; I have to pack the archive manually with the .properties files in order for it to work).

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Silviu,

about Q2:

Put the .properties under dist/PORTAL-INF/classes or dist/PORTAL-INF/private/classes within the NWDS project. This way, the files are packed into the PAR and are to be found by the corresponding classloader, if you use this mechansim

Hope it helps


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Thank you very much Detlev.

That was the information I needed, which I found in the meantime also in the documentation.

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