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MAKIT iOS - pushSharingControllerWithViewController does not work

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Hi All,

We are working on a project where we are using the MAKIT framework for chart creations.

Everything works really fine and nice!

There is one thing we want our own button to mail the chart.

Therefore we searched in the example code and the online guide of

But once we execute the current code, nothing happens really nothing...

        MAMailSharingController *sharingCtrl = [[MAMailSharingController alloc] init];

        sharingCtrl.subject = self.chart.title;

        [sharingCtrl pushSharingControllerWithViewController:self andDelegate:self forView:self.chart];

Anybody who got's information please let me know.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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We used the standard iOS mailing client option in the MFMailComposeViewController.


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