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Making KM Content available to Anonymous user

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hi everyone.

we have a very peculiar problem.

we have created some anonymous content and included some Km navigation iviews which access document folders.

as soon as we click on this iview it pops a logon screen and if we say cancel it says unauthorised.

however i can navigate thru all the sub folders and view all docs but the minute i try to open anyone of them it asks to login.

we tried this for a FSDB repository as well as a folder within Public docs.

i have changed the permissions for the repository to include anonymous user with full control even then it does not work.

we are on EP 6.0 sp2.

i know someone has mentioned a note i believe 728106. but it says that this note has not been released.

can anyone help


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rahul,

it's really annoying that note 728106 is not released for public at the moment...

Anyhow, in autumn is has, so I don't tell secrets if I describe the way (with no guarantee / support for any problems arising):

Within ...\irj\root\WEB-INF\deployment\pcd, the last installation of (with ending .bak, if deployed correctly) can be found. Rename to .par (delete .bak), open with an intelligent ZIP tool which offers inplace editing (without being a shareholder I advise WinRar), open the par, edit the portalapp.xml and make sure that for every component in question (here for example: navigation, maybe also docs) within the component profile section <property name="AuthScheme" value="anonymous"/> is set.

Close everything, restart portal, the PAR will get redeployed, everything works fine.

Have in mind that you will have to repeat this procedure after every update of KM when gets updated.

And if now any SAP guy reads this, thinking "There should be many more details about it" - please, re-release the corresponding note.

Hope it helps


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hi detlev

that did it thanks a lot.


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