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Make phone calls from SAP Solution Manager - ITSM

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Hello all,

We are using SAP Solution Manager 7.2. We would like to check if there is any feasibility for the below requirement.

If there is any high priority ticket is raised in ITSM, it should make a call to someone in that department.

Is it possible to implement IVR system and get this accomplished? Or, is there any other thing that we can explore?

Your help is highly appreciated! Thank you!!


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Hi Sriram,

Thanks for the response.

Let me give you an example of the scenario..

AS-IS Scenario: If there is any high priority ticket is raised, the message processor will get an email notification about the ticket. I have implemented this and it is working fine.

TO-BE Scenario: In case, the message processor is out of office or the ticket is raised during non-business hours, there should be an automated phone call to the message processor informing about the ticket.

To accomplish this, what are all the feasible things that we can explore?

Please give me your valuable suggestions!