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Maintenance JCO conections

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Hello all

We want to disconnect our webdynpro projects from the current R/3 backend and connect them to other R/3 backend (new version with different massage server name). What is the correct and simplest way to modify the backend connection (JCO)?

Thanks in advance

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Answers (4)

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As Ayyapparaj has said, it is the simple way .... as there is no need to touch the code ....

i) configure SSO to new System , create a logical system....

2) CA --> web dynrp --> jco connections .....

maintain jco .... edit the properties ....

give the logical system name correctly that you have connected to the new system.

check, client , user id ....


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Create JCO Destination in the Content Administration , access this in your WD.

So that if you switch from one system to other you dont have to make changes in the code .

One thing to remember here is all your backend systems should be compatible with the models you are using,



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Hello Yoel,

What do u mean disconnect from curretn R/3 System?

do u want to connect to multiple SAP System from web dynpro application,u can do that using Dynamic JCO pooling.if we want to chage SAp Ssytem at design time,u can do that by chaing the web dynpro project properties.

With Regards


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Try this:

JCO.Client client = JCO.createClient("client","user","password","language","server","systemnumber");

client.connect();//to connect

client.disconnect();//to disconnect

For this, you need to add the following jar files

<projectname>>properties>Java Build Path>Add Variable> ECLIPSE_HOME>Extend>plugins