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Maintain T012K without Fiori App? (Bank Account ID)


Hi SAP Experts?

We are working on several testing environments, I am we are trying to set up the house bank with their respective Account ID.

Since SAP S4 Simple Finance and Bank Application Management is now mandatory to maintain the house bank through Fiori App instead the classic FI12 transaction.

Our fiori team is not ready yet

It is there an alternative to maintain T012k table without using Fiori Apps?

(now V_T012K_BAM)

Many Thanks for your help!!!

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Hi Fernando,

I can't hint you at maintaining banks (that is a genuine Fiori app), you'll be more lucky with maintaining bank accounts, since that is a WDA.

You can access it with this service path:


Thus, I'd suggest you to create/maintain Bank master data with transaction FI01/FI02, than create House bank entries in table T012 (ask an admin or developer, they should know, and keep in mind, for full configuration, there are several others tables involved), and than, create your Bank accounts.

Don't forget to maintain the banks, when the Fiori app is running.

Regards, Stephan