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Mail Sender Adapter - Move email after picked up

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We are planning to connect SAP PI with the MS exchange server in order to get some email attachments and process them. We have find how we should configure the adapter to connect the exchange server (( [Sender Mail configuration|] )) but we still have a doubt related with the message already processed.

In the adapter parameters there is one section regarding 'Delete message once read' + u2018Folder for deleted messageu2019 where the emails could be sent once processed. Is it possible to configure multiple folders based in the sender, receiver, subject of the email? What we would need is organize the processed emails based in simply rules.

How could we perform this behavior with the standard adapter for email?

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I do not think PI would let you do that. How ever, once you move your read mail in to one of the folders on your Exchange server, you can configure rule there (on that mail box.. may be) so that based on sender/mail subject etc the messages can be distributed in to further folders.