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Mail Notification to users

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Hi all.

I have one rquirement.

A workflow will need to be created to notify various users email id( which is maintained in separate table) when an employee is withdrawn.

I Found the Business object BUS1065 and event COMPANYLEFT.

I want to know how to notify to the various users email id?

Can any one help me?

Thanks & regards,


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Can you please clear us regarding how the status of the employee will be chnaged to company left, is it based on the ACTIONS infotype in the HR PA0000, if this is done based on the HR then you can make use of the txn SWEHR2

Check the entry

P ---> Person ---> 0000 ---> ACTIONS -

> BUS1065 ---> HR_EVENT_RULES_0000.

What you can do is in txn SWEHR3 you try to create a same entry but this time the Function module should be you own Z function module where you will starting the workflow and by gathering the details....

Please check the Fm HR_EVENT_RULES_0000, you will get a clear picture , here in this FM the BEFORE IMAGE and AFTER IMAGE are two variables which will have the values prior to database updates and after the data base updates values...

From here you need to call the FM SAP_WAPI_CREATE_EVENT, by passing the BOR name as BUS1065 and event as COMPANY LEFT and key as employee number

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Hi pawan.

Thanks for ur reply.

But in my requirement , employee is terminated in termination work bench.

Now what i want to do?

please guide me.

Thanks & regards,